Precious Treasures

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Precious Treasures

Free Precious Treasures Slot OnlinePrecious treasures free slot online is the game which is based on the underwater world where you can find mythical creatures and there is a chance of winning the instant cash prize.

Free Precious Treasures Slot Online


The screen of the game is the background of blue water and it is surrounded by inky blackness. There are little bubbles that rise at surface and they are floating at the water. However, there are also stars and they are showing a Triton and there are two accompanying mermaids.

Poseidon is fixed on the reels and he has his trident with a steel glare which challenges the player to touch his treasure. He has superhuman strength with biceps bulge. Besides, there are two seductive mermaids behind him and they are covered only by shells.

There is a long limbed octopus who has some tentacles near the mermaids while there is also the majestic seahorse that floats in the water. At the reels, the same symbols come back. They are fish, turtles, conch shell, Jellyfish and crustaceans. At the background, there is the upbeats sound track, and light that makes the scene to look perfect.

The mermaid who has a lilac tail is at the top prize and the turtle is found at the bottom of its pile.

Game features

The game features 5 reels and they are set in 5×3 grid with 15 paylines. The player may change how much he wants to bet by choosing the value to play with at every line. The minimum bet can be set at 0.1 while the maximum can be 10.

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