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Wacky Monsters

Wacky Monsters Free Online SlotWacky monster slot is a game of 5 reels with nine paylines and a monster theme. The background of the game look plain black and it makes the freaky faces at the reels to be more visible. Graphics look cartoonish; however there is real details and depth.

Wacky Monsters Free Online Slot


The symbols are based on monsters like eyeball found in the bottle, brain kept in a jar and other body parts that are waiting to appear at the reels. The monsters do not look as if they are friendly since one is brandishing the stick of the dynamites while another is waving the metal flail. Starting at oozing green monster with the bared teeth, it will give the impression that if these monsters are given the opportunity, then you will turn to be their dinner.

Taking into account the faces of these monsters and the tubes around where the monsters are, then there is no other place where the monsters came but from a terrible laboratory. If you want to know how much you can win, then you should sneak in the cupboard of the laboratory to learn about the prizes that have been hidden in that place.

Game features

The wins of the game can be achieved from any place, starting from the right towards the left or from the left towards right. This is going to give you enough chances of getting the prize. The high value symbols can lead to a prize when the player only match two, while the remaining one will require the player to match three. The wild game is red eyed mummy while the scatter symbol is an oozing green monster.

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