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Gods Of Slots

Free Slot Online Gods Of SlotsGods of Slots game is a slot machine based on the Nordic myth. A Nordic story is full of the impossible triumphs, glory and power and this is contrasted to the human weakness and family feuds that are common with normal stories

Free Slot Online Gods Of Slots


The game looks beautiful with theme specific symbols. Everything in the game is based on the creativity. The game does not lack anything when it comes to excitement. It had been designed in the way that it can evoke Asgardian Empire. The sound track of the game is entertaining while the game itself was designed in HTML5.

The gods in the game are not perfect and they do not claim to be perfect which makes the game to be full of love, action and drama.

The game is based on 9 paylines with 5 reels that the player has to work on. You may wager the money in the dashboard at once and this is by using the simple wager control button. The paylines in the game are static while the reels are also standard so the only customization available is choosing the bet.

Game special features

When a player fails to win, then a multiplier counter will increase. The counter will continue to tick up to the time the player gets the winning spin. However, the game does not have the exciting giveaways and bonus features. With the multiplier, it is always possible for the player to get back his winning. The game targets more the newcomers in slot playing who wants a certain level of action.

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