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Scattered Skies

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Game Details

Scattered Skies

Free Slot Online Scattered SkiesScattered skies slot is the game that encourages you to take time to go to the distant planets of this universe and this is where you can battle if you want to get cash prizes.

Free Slot Online Scattered Skies


If you had always had a dream to be astronaut, then this is the game that will help you to achieve your fantasy at a certain level.

The background setting of the game looks like inky black and it looks as if it is stretching for a long place. The game has tiny sparkling stars. The game has simplistic background and it creates the impression that it is isolated away of humanity.

Game symbols

At the reels, the player finds a number of the planets that are coming from around the universe. Some of these planets do include the rings that have sparkle, craggy craters and glint. Some bodies and moons are orbiting the plants and the reel includes the comets and asteroids. The background sounds has eerie and upbeat sounds since it creates the soundtrack that feels spooky and it is full of the adventure.

This game offers a free mode where the player can try out the game and he does not have to pay a penny.

The game is different from other slot game because it does not feature paylines. The player has to play on the entire board with each spin. To make the winning, you have to match 3, 4 and 5 symbols. In order to win the highest prize, the player should match up to 12 symbol of highest valued symbol.

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