ELK Studios

ELK software is based in Sweden and it was founded in the year 2012. It is now working on how to establish itself and to develop mobile casino games. The goal is to release small number of quality games but not of just mass production of low quality games.

ELK Free Online Slots

They use an advanced mathematical model with the latest technology in order to create the games but they add a human touch on the game and this gives them the chance to have mass appeal.

Game samples

The latest game from ELK is Champion’s Goals, Electric Sam and The Lab. All these 3 features great graphics, exciting bonus games with good features. They offer audio visual supports which is the cutting edge of this market. Their latest game, The Fish is now at the market.

Games features

Elk software had introduced different unique features for betting strategies. They allow the software to create games using the predefined betting strategy and they can change automatically the bet levels according to the predetermined rules. However, you will be able to turn this off if you wish to play.

Another feature is the Game on and it is activated if the player use 25 bets and it gives the player the opportunity of winning free spins. It is a type of loyalty program, however, it will create customer satisfaction and it adds some excitement. The game of ELK are found on most casinos but ELK software encourage their work to take up the random performance and fairness testing through RNG.