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Pond Of Koi

Free Pond Of Koi Slot OnlinePond of Koi slot is the game based at some level at the basic traditions of slot machine but it does not contain any pay line. Because there is no payline, it is possible to win after each six spin. However, the amount that you will win, it will be on random.

Free Pond Of Koi Slot Online


When you play, you should not expect to see any special symbols in the game such as the scatter symbols, bonuses and wilds. However, each symbol in the game plays as the scatter and this makes the game to be unique. The game has seven symbols and by making these symbols scatters, it is how the game had been made without the paylines. The symbols of the game feature the koi fish in fashion or in form and this works to give the player the added visual pomp.

Game symbols

The symbols has the pay scale which is attached on it, however it may be somehow confusing at some time. To win, you should get at least five same symbols. However, the game offers free spins that helps to win more.

In order to unlock free spins, you will have to play five times without any win. The free spins will continue up to the time that you are able to win a prize.

In the game, there are no special symbols and bonus features that have been found in the free spin round. The idea behind the free spin is that you will always walk away with a certain prize every time. There are four controls, the spin, the auto play, bet controls and the help button.

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