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Loot A Fruit

Loot A Fruit Free Online SlotLoot a fruit slot is a slot machine that looks wacky with five reel slot machine but it will help you to see what people do when they go to a luxury cruise.

Loot A Fruit Free Online Slot


To play, you will need to make the combination of at least 3 same symbols. The symbols include a happy lady orange who has put on a hat full of flowers, the zany banana that have a tongue that hangs out, the laid back watermelon that wears the sunglasses while kicking back the heat, a cherry who is listening to the tunes with the lackadaisical coconut.

The characters used give an impression that they are having their own personalities with stances and expression that are unique for them. This will add the enjoyment to the game and it can go far and it can make the person to crack some smiles when he starts to win.

Game features

When you start to play, you will not have to adjust the paylines of the game. You only need to match the combination of the fruits wherever you can online and you can win money. However, you can chance the bet size and if you bet more, you stand the chance of winning even more. If you think that the going is getting tough, you can bring back the bet to the sustainable level.

The game offers a busy and energetic gambling experience. The game itself has no wild or scatter but there are some ways that the player can enjoy free spins after 5 spins without winning.

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