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Safari Samba

Free Safari Samba Slot OnlineThe life in the plains or in the jungle of Africa, it does not have to be about the survival always. The game theme is about animal party and it will keep you entertained from the time you launch the game.

Free Safari Samba Slot Online


The animosity is something that maybe overrated when it comes to the beautiful beasts found in the Savannah. The animals had stopped to play the prey or the predator and they come together to enjoy a ball, Safari Samba is based on enjoyment, partying and merry making.

The free slot is based on 2D graphics and it is adaptable. The home screen has no big surprises since they have the normal options like the wager management, auto play with the game paytable.

The graphics of the game are polished while at the same time they stay in vogue. The game itself is 100 percent coded in the HTML5 and it ensures that no lag time that it is associated with the game during the playing on any device.

The game has 5 standard reels and 9 paylines. When you have decided the stake you want to play with, then you will be given a chance of spinning the reels. If you want to spin, you will have to push the lever and the reels will be set automatically in the whirring motion which can accelerates afterwards.

Game symbols

The animals of the game are the animals that have dressed up for the occasion. They are purple haired lioness, red wigged crocodile with other party animals. Other symbols are traditional African drum, guitar and horns.

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