Year Of Luck

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Year Of Luck

Slot Machine Year Of Luck Online FreeYear of luck slot machine is a slot game based on the Chinese Zodiac and it comes with nine fixed paylines with five reels. As it happens with other slots in a certain subsection, the game was built using speed and playability of the spins. It does not have any complicated bonus round and it does not have a wild symbol that can clutter up things needed to achieve a straightforward game.

Slot Machine Year Of Luck Online Free


The free spin scatter and the wild symbols have been provided with each main game at the reels and it is what the slot has got when it comes to the features. The rules and the payout information have been put at the single screen and this gives the player a chance of knowing how much to win.

The player can make a choice of betting from 0.10 up to 10 dollars for each spin and this result in the total bet of 0.90 up to 90 dollars. This is the best slot for the player who has a tighter bankroll.

Game special features

When the player wins, then the win will be multiplied by the level of the multiplier meter and the highest prize, also the jackpot is 4,000 times the stake or 250x jackpot with 16 multiplier. When it has been redeemed, then the multiplier is going to be set at zero. However, when someone changes a bet size during the game, then the multiplier will also reset. The multiplier can lead to better wins with free spins from the snake scatter symbol.

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