9 Figures Club

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9 Figures Club

Slot Machine 9 Figures Club Online Free9 Figure club slot machine is a game that gives the players a chance of winning big while at the same time, it has special features and it is entertaining.

Slot Machine 9 Figures Club Online Free


The game itself does not have complicated game rules and only the money may count. There is no background of the game and the reels are found on the entire screen. They look as if they have been framed in the metallic case and when it comes to the graphics or design, the game is not that memorable. Reel symbol do display the shinier color with better graphics qualities. However, this is not enough when it comes to impress the players.

Music is the generic melody and it cannot be linked to any theme. The design of the game is average. The game is classic and simple in its layout and the player has few customization possibilities.

The game can be played at 3×5 set up and this corresponds at the five reels with the three symbols on each reel. The five paylines of the game had been fixed and it is not possible to change them but the player can change how much he wants to play with.

When you win, the winning is added to the credit at once. Other features of the game include the Max bet button to set the bet at its highest or Auto bet to let the reels to spin on their own for certain period.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game are golden ring, sports car, and the glasses of wine, private jet, luxury watch, champagne, the Money bag and a Yacht.

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