Zombie Slot Mania

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Zombie Slot Mania

Free Slot Online Zombie Slot ManiaZombie slot mania slot machine is the game that keeps away from the uninspiring charm, cheesy music and common style.

Free Slot Online Zombie Slot Mania


The game is beautiful when it comes to how it has been designed. Even if it is based on the gore fueled affair of the theme, it looks easy at the eye. They have used creative artists in drawing up the game and all keep up with the zombie theme. The image of the game is the cartoon version of the zombie and there are some cross eyed with the dropping eyeball. The game also features the dog which is playing fetch using a forearm.

Winning with this game, it will be something awesome and you will find many ways that this can happen. You have 5 reels with 50 paylines to play with and you can activate all of them. The winning takes place in each direction. The game offers free spins symbols, additional bonus mini game, and wild symbols. The mini game requires picking up the right tombs in order to win big money. It is more like the class shell game and there is enough winning possibility with the bonus features.

How to play

The interface of the game looks good and there is nothing zombie with it. The reels had been locked into the game and there is no confusing about the symbols that are being paid. The buttons to play with are found under the reels. At the left, there is the button where you can adjust the bet you want to play with.

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