Scattered To Hell

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Scattered To Hell

Free Slot Online Scattered To HellScattered to hell slot machine is the game which takes you to the place where the sinister creatures live. You need to have the nerve of the steel in case you wish to survive in inferno and to concentrate more on winning.

Free Slot Online Scattered To Hell


The game has a minimalist design and incredible graphics and designs. The background of the game is a jet black that had burnt or cracked. There is also red hot lava found from the netherworld and it threatens to spill away.

When you look at the reels, you will find fearful characters with snarling mouths, gaping teeth, red eyes and curling tusks. The background music is a pounding beat with an operative overtone which brings out the effect that can make your pulse to race and the knees to tremble.

The game has a simple structure and contrary to other slots, there are not paylines in the game and the symbols appear on the entire screen. To win, you will need to match five symbols and not the normal three. To win the highest prize, the player needs to get 12 of the most valued symbol.

Game special features

The game does not have special symbols like the bonus, multiplier, scatter and the wild. However, the game has a free spin meter that accumulates the point for each turn that you are not able to win. When you lose up to five spins with one row, then you get a free spin round. The free spins are unlimited and you can continue to play with them up to the time that you can get a prize.

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