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Reel Circus

Free Slot Online Reel CircusReel Circus Slot is the game where the wonderful meets with the wild.

Free Slot Online Reel Circus


The screen of the game that will greet you, it will offer some members of the circus. You can find the sapphire haired woman who has a whip, bendy acrobat who is showing the flexibility and the knife welding warrior who have blue skin from the head to the toe. While you enter in the full game, you will find some traditional people who can think that the circus was set at the background of what may look like the big top. At the reels, there is a sad eyed clown, human cannonball, bearded lady, sad eyed clown with the ringmaster. 

Game features

The background of the slot machine has a sinister and mysterious background. It hints on the eerie surprises that may be in the store for the visitors.

If you want to know how much you can win, you should check over the ringmaster and to check what the paytable has to offer. The symbols of the game are found in the low value with the big value. Regardless of the symbol, you need to match three symbols if you would like to win the prize. When you land more symbols, you also win big.

The player can win from left to the right or from right to the left. The wild symbol of the game is the wild and at the same time, it is also the multiplier. The human cannonball is the scatter symbol.

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