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Bikers Gang

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Game Details

Bikers Gang

Free Bikers Gang Slot OnlineAn open road is always an invitation to the people who are looking for freedom and they wish to feel breeze at the face and they can watch the landscape zooming past the eyes.

Free Bikers Gang Slot Online


The Bikers Gang is the video slot machine which gives the players freedom feeling and the taste of adventure and liberty. Besides the high stakes of the game, the player has also many surprises to expect from the game.

Game features

The game does not have the complicated animation and back stories. The background is quasi-uniform black screen and it has discrete patterns that are the reminiscent of the tyre tracks. Reels have been juxtaposed at the top, they have been framed in the metallic case and there is a bright green button on the bottom of the commands of the game.

There is no music in the game, the brief rock n roll tune mixed with the sound of the tyres which are screeching if the spin is released. When it comes to the graphics design, the game is still lacking but it does not affect the fun game play.

The game feature 3×5 standard set up and it corresponds the five spinning reels and each one is displaying three symbol each one. The paylines are nine and they have been fixed. It means that there is no way that the player may change this number. However the bet may be set differently.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game are about the bikers and motorbikes. The game include Route 66 road sign, a speed limit road sign, the helmet and the skull, yellow engine, motorbike, motel sign, the pair of gloves and the gang jacket that has a skull motive.

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