4 Winning Directions

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4 Winning Directions

Free 4 Winning Directions Slot Online4 Winning Directions slot machine online is the game based on golden dragons since it is a sign of auspiciousness and good Fortune in Far East. Besides offering enough prizes, the game is exotic and appealing.

Free 4 Winning Directions Slot Online


The game is based on the compassing geography and points but it is not the real point. Even if the designs and the features of the game are all about direction, the game has overwhelming feel for exploration in Orient. The game has pagodas around and red color considered to be lucky is all around the poles. You can appreciate romance and mystery when you are in a mist covered landscape.

The game has 5 reels, with the conventional 5×3 layout and 50 paylines. It is among bigger games at the market and the players have chances of collection cash while the paylines increase the bet.

Game special symbols

Each player will want to gather the prizes and they do not have to spend the money on it. Wild symbol is always considered like the basic of slot game. The wild can replace other symbols for creating more matches. A scatter symbol is a special symbol too and when you get three, you get free spins. The bonus level opens when the player gets special bonus tiles. They have been designed to look like compass and this is where there is a directional theme.

A bonus symbol is the wheel which had split in four sections and one is found at each direction of a compass. When you spin the wheel, you get a certain value and a certain section at the direction fills. If a certain section has the three parts already filled, a bonus round is finished and you get the cash you made.

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