Forest Harmony

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Forest Harmony

Forest Harmony Free Online SlotForest harmony slot is a game where you will be able to unleash dark or light forces when you spin and you can transform gaming symbol in malevolent beasts or benevolent creatures.

Forest harmony slot machine is based on 5 reels with 40 paylines. The players have more chance of winning from Verdant woodland kingdom at the Forest Harmony. The game offers a chance of unleashing free spins and there is the bonus features and it keeps the betting balance in the harmony.

Forest Harmony Free Online Slot


The game takes place deeper into heart of the forest, the place where few humans have been able to reach. In the magical woodland realm, dark and light forces have been kept in balance by dark and light fairies and they go around trying to zap people using their own wands and they can transform them in evil and good being. The symbols can be cursed before being cleansed based on the whim of the fairies. If the symbol has been cleansed, it can transform in a temporary wild symbol to connect with other icons and to complete winning paylines.

Game symbols

Other characters in the game are magnificent unicorn, tree man, a male elf warrior and the female pixie princess. The game symbols include a dark tree, light elf, dark elf, light pixie, dark pixie, light unicorn and dark unicorn.

The Forest harmony is boosting big bonus action and this is because of the special symbols that had been included. The game is made in 2D and it works well because it evokes the classic cartoons that depicts fantasy adventure theme of some people’s childhood.

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