Hammer of Thor

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Hammer of Thor

Free Slot Online Hammer of ThorEveryone knows about the Hammer of Thor. It is the hammer that only the “worthy” can lift. If you are a fan of comics or even the movie, you know what it is. Why this theme is here on the slots you may ask. The reason is simple – Thor’s hammer is one of the most mystical objects across the nine dimensions. One who possesses this hammer can win any war. The touch of good luck favors the one who can spot the symbol on the free slots. During every winning combination, a lightning will go across the slots to signify that you have won. This feature is very unique.

Free Slot Online Hammer of Thor


What’s more? There is practically no sound on the slots which means there is this eerie tension around it which makes it more challenging. During the game, you might be lucky enough to arouse the blue dragon and the red dragon. You might actually get to witness them playing and fighting right before your eyes. You get to bet on which dragon will win. If your chosen dragon wins the fight, your bet will multiply by 3 or 4 times and you will receive the pay out. But you need one of each dragon to trigger this high paying bonus round. Just two of the same types of dragons won’t trigger it. It is a unique free slot machine game where many new features are introduced. Some players will like the fact that the developers have toyed with a new idea. Overall this slot is a good mix of retro and modern gaming and there are plenty of features to explore here.

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