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Aces and Faces TomHorn

Free Aces and Faces TomHorn OnlineAces and faces is one of the easiest and clear slot machine games that you are ever going to find in the world of video slot machines. You can call this game as a spinoff of the Jacks or Better. But the uniqueness of this game lies in the feature where you get additional payouts of all forms of the Faces and Aces combinations. The free slot machine game is based on the simple 52 card games. The payouts are better than Jacks or Better but it starts with the same value. Here in this article we will also show you how you can apply the Aces and faces strategy.

Free Videopoker Aces and Faces TomHorn Online


The first step is to always opt for the Four of a Kind, Royal Flush or Straight Flush if possible. If you cannot get those, then hold four hands to a Royal Flush. The best option that you will have is a Full House, a straight or flush. Then you can opt for the three of a kind. If you get a straight flush, you have to dump the fifth to get a chance at a winning hand. If you get two pairs, it is a good hand to hold onto. There are chances your draw can land into a full house. It is always better to keep the high pairs, keep three cards to the Royal Flush and hang on to the four cards for a flush. The game is really interesting once you get the grip of it. If you find yourself getting bored, you can definitely try out the Aces and faces free slots game.

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