Aces and Faces 4H

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Aces and Faces 4H

Free Videopoker Aces and Faces 4H OnlineThis is a standard five card draw poker free slots game where you will have a lot of payouts. This is true for all forms of Aces and Faces games because the combinations of this game offers the best and most desirable payout. The game is pretty simple. All you have to do is just deal, then hold on to the hand and then draw to get the best possible hand which in turn will result in the best possible payout. There is a unique option in this game. Instead of playing a single hand, you will get the chance of playing all the hands at once. If you can grab a win in the first hand in this free slot machine game, you can get to the second level; and the more levels you are able to cross, the more will be the winnings for you. You will also have a new feature called the Free Ride. In this feature, you might also get to advance on a losing hand.

Free Videopoker Aces and Faces 4H Online


The game is just as enjoyable as any other free slots video game. The game’s theme is based on Jacks or Better, but the increased payout for all combinations is what makes this game a better one. The game still uses the same deck of 52 cards. The game is great for those who have just started playing video slot machine games. The 4 aces will pay you more than any straight flush, and if you can hit 4 aces you will win 400 times the original bet you made! Just try out the Aces and Faces 4 hands and see it for yourself.

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