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Three Card Poker TomHorn

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Three Card Poker TomHorn

Free Three Card Poker TomHorn OnlineThree Card Poker is an interesting game that can be played against the dealer rather than other players. Despite having a virtual dealer hand, the players would play against a payout schedule within a certain set of rules. This game features a 52 card deck with no wild cards or Joker. It consists of two games in one. To play the Poker game, the player needs to place a bet on a betting mark. The Poker game predicts whether you will have a hand that would beat the dealer’s hand. The Pair Plus game predicts whether you have atleast a pair.

Free Three Card Poker TomHorn Online

Three cards are offered to the players face up. The dealer gets three cards face down. Your hand is ranked and if you have placed a Pair Plus bet then you will be paid for the bet placed according to the pay table. The players need to press Fold or Play for the Poker hand. A play bet is always equal to the Poker bet or the Ante bet. If the dealer has atleast a Queen and your hand is superior then you win both Play and Poker bets 1:1. If the dealer does not qualify in this free slot machine game then your bets would be returned regardless of the strength of the hand. You lose both the bets placed if the dealer has at least a Queen and your hand is ranked lower.

This is one of the free slots which feature just three cards but presents twice the betting opportunities. Forming a straight flush while playing with Pair Plus implies a big win of 40 times the bet placed by the player! This game is one of the interesting game offered by the developer.

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