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Joker Poker TomHorn

Free Joker Poker TomHorn OnlineJoker Poker is a free slot machine game which is also known as Joker Wild. The game is a variation of the video slot machine game called Jacks or Better. The game is not at all difficult to play. All you have to do is just use the Joker to replace the card within the deck of the winning hand. Normally we play with 52 cards in most of the online slot machine games, but with the presence of Joker means you will play with 53 cards.

Free Joker Poker TomHorn Online


In the game, you will deal with 5 cards. The primary objective of this game is to save all the best cards so that you can complete with the best playing hands. You can get rid of all the cards that you don’t want and in case you want to hold on to a card, then you can press the hold button below the card. You can also save the card by clicking on to the card itself. Now when you have decided which cards to hold on and which cards to release, you can click on the Deal button. The deal will automatically replace and discard all the cards which you didn’t hold.

This is a free slots machine game that needs a good strategy. You need to think and master the game. The hands you have already dealt falls into two categories. The hands with a joker and the hands without it. The game is easy to learn and for those who want to enjoy games of all genre, this one is just right for them.

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