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Spinning Stars

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Spinning Stars

Free Slot Machine Spinning StarsOne of the leading free slot machine developers Novomatic has been around for quite some time now. After being so long in the industry they have become quite predictable and one can see that they have a few themes making appearances on their slot. So one of the things we regularly see with the Novomatic is that they have fruits on their slot machine. Fruits are not a very new theme for the slot machine games. They have been around since the past casino era and now are being rejuvenated through the online video slot games.

Free Slot Machine Spinning Stars


Spinning Stars is one such game where you find the fruits on the slots once again. You can start to play here for a beta s low as 10p per spin. There’s nothing new to describe here – it is a classic fruit themed slot machine game with the most basic features. You are likely to adore this game but only because it has a good RTP rate, but you can only play it for so long without the background music.

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