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Milady 2

Online Slot Milady 2 to PlayMilady 2 is a jolly good free slot game with lots of fun and juicy rewards. It is also one of the fairest games with larger icons, crystal clear graphics, and quality animations. There is also a very unique artistic touch with the graphics of this game. That is a new concept for slot games I have not seen before. This amazing game supports all kinds of devices including PCs, Android phones and iPhones.

Online Slot Milady 2 to Play

This online slot game has 5 reels and 3 rows. There are also 15 different pay lines as well. You can choose the number of pay lines activated from 1 to 15 before each spin. The line bet amount is also changeable. Changing these two settings also changes the total bet amount per spin. It varies from 1 credit to 1500 credits depending on your choosing. Positive players with winning attitudes usually choose higher bets in this free slot game. The prizing system is so generous in this game. It is an advanced system with some added features to make sure players are fully satisfied at the end of the gameplay. The biggest prize in the regular gameplay is around 1 million credits. Apart from that prize, this game also offers more than a few big prizes around and beyond 100,000 credits.

This so cool free slot machine has few versatile bonus features as well. The wild and the scatter symbols are the most important bonus features among them. These two amazing icons are 100% capable of making you rich beyond your wildest imaginations. Make sure you bet as big as possible to get into the juiciest section of the prizing system of this free slot machine. The entire prizing system is available with the paytable of this game. You can achieve it through the info button of the user interface.

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