Drunken Vikings

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Drunken Vikings

Drunken Vikings Free Online SlotWho doesn’t like Vikings? Ever wondered what Vikings would do if they were drunk and unstable? This game might actually give you a peek into that world. There are many games out there with a lot of mystery, adventure and thrill, but there are a few games with such a fun theme. Drunken Vikings is a game that gives you pure fun. You see the Vikings do a lot of crazy stuff here. The symbols are such that they will give you a hearty laughter when you see them once. You might fall in love with these free online slots. Not only is the theme peppy but the amount to win is also very good.

Drunken Vikings Free Online Slot


Unlike other free slot machine games, this one has $500,000 as a jackpot amount. You get twice the jackpot as any other slot machine game. That is not all – it is also twice as rewarding as other slot machine games. There is a scatter round and there are multiple free spins which are just as rewarding. There are 15 pay lines here and the maximum you can bet per line is $75. We have seen that there is a good influx of money consistently throughout the game. Just when you think the game is losing its pace you are presented with more wins which keep you up. It is an easy game to learn – just hover over the pay table once and you will learn of all the symbols there are. The characters that appear on the slots are also mysterious and they keep the slots engaging. You won’t feel like taking your eyes off this slot machine game.

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