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8-Ball Slot

8Ball free slot8-Ball Slot is a single-payline three-reel classing slot machine developed by Playtech casinos. This game can be found in several online casinos. The slot machine is available in reel slot format, which adds to the excitement of the game. The top jackpot, as one may assume, is the 8-ball symbol. The slot game comes with an autoplay feature that enables the players to play with more ease. 8-ball Slots is designed for people who just want to play the game of casino and for whom, extra features least matter. 8-ball is a classic free slot game that requires players to hit the balls pedantically, just like the basic rules of the game of pool. The interface is highly colorful and pool players will find a lot of similarities between the basic rules of both the games. You have to start with hitting and crashing the rack of 15 balls.

8-Ball Free Slot Machine


While playing 8-Ball Free Slot, you need to keep in mind that the color or stripe of balls you are choosing least impacts the results. The balls can be permuted and combined to make 17 different winning combinations. The classic Vegas Style slot machine game is a preferred choice of avid casino gamers who do not want a truckload of fancy features. This is in fact designed for serious players who want to play the game in the straightforward way. You can win up to 2000 coins. The game is pretty simply and you will only find a handful of variables in the gameplay. You win when the reels display balls with the same color. You need to get at least three balls of the same number. Your aim is to hit the ball straight into Pot Number 8. So keep playing until you get closer to victory.

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