Book of Diamonds

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Book of Diamonds

Free Slot Online Book of DiamondsBook of diamonds is a free online slot game with lots and lots of fun and entertainment. It is not only entertaining but also a reliable method to earn good money with a very reasonable investment. Book of diamonds is basically a 5 reel free slot game. This amazing game is also equipped with 3 rows and 10 pay lines. It is also a very simple online free slot game comparison to very complicated slot games available online these days. This free slot game is also one of the most eye catching slot machines in this category. Graphics and animations are next to nothing and the color combination is quite interesting. Everything in the game are pretty clear and clean. Icons too are larger and easy to identify.

Free Slot Online Book of Diamonds

Book of diamonds is a suitable game for all levels of online slot game enthusiasts. Players can start playing this game even with a 0.1 coin per spin. This amount can be updated 100 coins per spin and it is a good bet even for a professional level slot gamer. On the other hand, the game is capable of offering up to 5000x of the initial bet. It is a lot of income if you use the highest bet option. Anyway, the best thing to do is using bigger betting options instead of smaller bet, all the time. All the juicy stuffs are usually stuck with these bigger bets.

The prizing system of this game is highly effective. It has two types of symbols to offer smaller wins and bigger wins separately. Smaller wins are usually more frequent. Bigger wins are rare. So it is very important to win these smaller wins to make sure to survive till getting a bigger prize.

The Buy feature is enabled in this game. This amazing feature allow you to buy free spins. Free spins are always victorious. They offer more opportunities and bigger wins comparison to usual spins. With this game you don’t have to wait till some free spins to come to you. Anyway, that is not the only bonus feature in this game. There are several other bonus features as well.

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