Dragons Charms

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Dragons Charms

Dragons Charms Free Online SlotDragons are the most famous mythical creatures. On the other hand, China is the land of dragons according to human mythologies. Even though dragons are found in mythologies from all around the world, China is the only land where dragons are still praised with various and colorful festivals. Anyway, this amazing online free slot game is not just about dragons but about Chinese dragons and their adventures.

Dragons Charms Free Online Slot

This bright and colorful online free slot game is basically a 5 reel slot machine with 4 rows and 100 maximum pay lines. These pay lines are not static. Players can activate or deactivate pay lines within a range from 10 to 100. Anyway, it is highly recommended to activate as much as pay lines as possible while betting on this game to get the maximum outcome of this game. Activating more pay lines also increases the frequency of winnings.

Dragons Charms is a very powerful game. It has a massive betting range from 0.1 coins per spin to 1000 coins per spin. This is a kind of betting range which can attract a wide range of slot gamers including low betters and high rollers. Each of these bets enables a different set of prizes. You can win these prizes by having matching set of symbols on the reel set. The prize money goes high with the number of matching icons. Anyway, that is only the basic prizing system of this game. There is also a bonus prizing system and it let you win bigger and better prizes. Anyway, the quality of the bonus feature and the size of the prize money increases along with the size of the bet. There are free spins, buy features, stack symbols, scatters and moving stacked wilds among the bonus feature list of this game and with all these amazing components this game is capable of offering you up to 3000x of your basic bet.

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