Book of Demi Gods 2

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Book of Demi Gods 2

Free Book of Demi Gods 2 Slot OnlineBook of Demigods 2” is actually a free slot machine inspired by the success of the previous online slot game “Book of Demigods”. This time, the game is more thrilling, more adventurous and also offer better and bigger prizes comparison to the previous one. Actually according to ancient Greek legends Demigods are powerful humans. Usually either one of their parents is a God. Demigod’s powers depends on their immortal parent’s powers. Well, it is so obvious that they are also very powerful to make our slot gamers rich beyond their wildest dreams with the use of their incredible powers.

Free Book of Demi Gods 2 Slot Online

This amazing game is one of those highly sophisticated modern online free slot games. There are so many options, paths and opportunities available for the players while playing this amazing free slot game. Anyway, there are only 10 active, static pay lines available with this game. It is a minor setback according to my calculations; the number of pay lines could have been more. Other than that there are 5 reels in this game with 3 rows. Graphics and animations are also good. Sound tracks are also perfect and matching definitely with the theme of the game.

The game play is not that difficult after little experience. One can use the free coin version to gain that experience and to understand the nature of the game. Book of Demigods 2 is a game with several interesting bonus features. One of them is the buy feature. I really like that feature because it allows players to buy free spin sessions. Free spin sessions can be very useful if you need bigger wins. So, don’t hesitate to buy as much as possible free spin sessions while playing this game.

Other than that, this game is also equipped with 4 magnificent jackpots. Those are known as the big win, supper win, mega win and epic win. Epic win is the biggest of them all but you can definitely be satisfied with any of these.

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