Habanero software is one of the hidden gems when it comes to the gaming industry. The software offers something that it is found outside of mainstream games.

Free Slots Habanero Online

This is somehow new and the company has spiced up the slot machine world with diverse and large selection of the games.

Game features

Some of the Habanero games are based on the 3D animation and they are optimized in order to be played on a mobile device like tablets and the Smartphones. The games may be played using the demo website of the software or using the software system where the player uses real money.

The software was founded in the year 2012 and it is has a close knit operation from the four offices it has in Kiev, Sofia, Manila and Johannesburg. The company is capable to offer personalized and direct service to the clients and it offers the service for the Asian and European betting market.

Software features

Habanero system wants to make sure that the games it offers may be enjoyed by many people around the entire world and the software may be adapted to different European languages like Russian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, German and English.

If you want to enjoy how hot the software is, then it is time to look on different slot machines. You can find fifty video slots that have 5 reels on the demo websites of the company and this allows the players to enjoy different themes which are available in HTML5 or with Flash and computer screens.

Free Slot Treasure Tomb Online

Treasure Tomb

Treasure tomb is a very pleasant and simple looking free slot which was developed by Habanero slot…
Slot Machine The Big Deal Online Free

The Big Deal

The big deal slot is a top quality, highly entertaining and highly rewarding free slot game, every…
Sky is the Limit Free Online Slot

Sky is the Limit

This is one of the most interesting free slot games I have played this year. Besides, this…
Free Slot Online Shaolin Fortunes 100

Shaolin Fortunes 100

Once again, Habanero team has come-up with a great free slot game package which contains everything slot…
Free Shaolin Fortunes Slot Online

Shaolin Fortunes

Many slot game players like to play games with mystery themes. If it is also based on…
Slot Machine Rodeo Drive Online Free

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a top quality, Hollywood style free slot game which has lots of entertaining stuffs…
Queen of Queens 2 Free Online Slot

Queen of Queens 2

Queens of Queens is 2 is the sequel of Queens of Queens free slot game. This game…
Free Slot Online Queen of Queens

Queen of Queens

Queen of Queens is a simple looking slot game but with a great deal of entertainment. Obviously,…
Free Pirate´s Plunder Slot Online

Pirate´s Plunder

Pirate’s plunder is an action packed, fast paced slot machine with plenty of entertaining items. On the…
Slot Machine Mystic Fortune Online Free

Mystic Fortune

Mystic fortune is a great opportunity for free slot gaming enthusiasts to explore their fortune. Not only…
Mummy Money Free Online Slot

Mummy Money

Habanero is definitely one of the leading free slot game developers in the market. It is well…
Free Slot Online King Tuts Tomb

King Tuts Tomb

There are so many free slot games based on Egypt. In fact, Habanero itself has created free…
Free Kane´s Inferno Slot Online

Kane´s Inferno

Kane’s inferno is a top quality free slot game to play. Above all, it got a style…
Slot Machine Indian Cash Catcher Online Free

Indian Cash Catcher

Indian Cash Catcher is definitely one of the most popular free slot games in the industry these…
Free Slot Online Frontie Fortunes

Frontie Fortunes

This is one of the craziest free slot games I have ever played. It is fun, entertaining…
Free Egyptian Dreams Slot Online

Egyptian Dreams

This is not just another free slot game. It is also a great chance for free slot…
Slot Machine Dragon´s Realm Online Free

Dragon´s Realm

Dragon’s realm is one of the best free slot games available to play these days. This is…
Double O Dollars Free Online Slot

Double O Dollars

If you are a fan of 007 movies, you will definitely love this amazing free slot game.…
Free Slot Online Disco Funk

Disco Funk

Disco Funk is a very interesting free slot game with plenty of entertaining stuffs. The game is…
Free Cashosaurus Slot Online


Cashosaurus is a highly joyful free slot game. The name might remind you of fearful creatures from…
Aztlan´s Gold Free Online Slot

Aztlan´s Gold

Aztlan’s Gold is a free slot machine which could take you to a journey you shall never…
Free Slot Online Arctic Wonders

Arctic Wonders

Arctic Wonders is a pretty cool free slot game with so many ways to worm your heart.…
Free All For One Slot

All For One

“All for one” is not just another free slot game. It is also an epic story which…
Zeus Free Online Slot


The lives of Ancient Greeks and their Gods had been one of the major attractions in the…
Free Slot Online Zeus 2

Zeus 2

Zeus 2 is the next sequel of very popular online free slot machine, Zeus which is also…
Free Wicked Witch Slot Online

Wicked Witch

This is a superb free slot game which is based on non-other but black magic. Actually, black…
Slot Machine Weird Science Online Free

Weird Science

This is one of the most hilarious free slot games I have ever played. This is a…
Vikings Plunder Free Online Slot

Vikings Plunder

Vikings are fearsome warriors. There are so many legends narrated around Vikings and their epic journeys. In…
Free Slot Online Treasure Diver

Treasure Diver

Treasure Diver is an amazing free slot game with lots and lots of fun stuffs to offer.…
Free Tower of Pizza Slot Online

Tower of Pizza

Tower of pizza is a fantastic free slot game with 5-reels and 25 pay lines. The game…
Slot Machine Grape Escape Online Free

Grape Escape

The grape Escape is a free slot game with lots of funny and entertaining stuffs. From the…
Dragon Castle Free Online Slot

Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is a superb online free slot game which is mostly inspired from Eastern cultures. Actually,…
Free Slot Online Super Twister

Super Twister

This is one of the most entertaining and exciting free slot machines I have ever played. It…
Free Super Strike Slot Online

Super Strike

This is one of the most entertaining and thrilling free slot games produces by Habanero slot game…
Slot Machine Sparta Online Free


Sparta is a kind of free slot game we all love to play. It is not only…
Space Fortune Free Online Slot

Space Fortune

Habanero software developing team has been producing one after another super exciting free slot games over these…
Free Slot Online Sir Blingalot

Sir Blingalot

Sir Blingalot free slot machine is a kind of slot machine, every slot game enthusiast should try.…
Free Shoguns Land Slot Online

Shoguns Land

Shogun’s land is one of the most stylish free slot machines in the current industry. Basically, this…
Slot Machine S.O.S. Online Free


S.O.S. is simply a brilliant free slot game ever created. Not only because it offers highly valuable…
Ruffled Up Free Online Slot

Ruffled Up

This is a grand free slot game developed by the Habanero slot game developer. They have developed…
Free Slot Online Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Roma is one of the most popular themes used in free slot machines. Actually, there are so…
Free Ride them Cowboy Slot Online

Ride them Cowboy

Bull riding is an extremely exciting sport. Anyway, because of the level of danger of this sport,…
Slot Machine Pucker Up Prince Online Free

Pucker Up Prince

Pucker up prince is a very interesting free slot game which is entirely based on a very…
Pool Shark Free Online Slot

Pool Shark

This is a highly entertaining but a very simple free online slot machine. Habanero is the creator…
Free Slot Online Pamper Me

Pamper Me

Pamper me one of the loveliest free slot games in the industry. Maybe this is the free…
Free Oceans Call Slot Online

Oceans Call

This game is simply amazing. There are many free slot games based on ocean but only few…
Slot Machine Mr. Bling Online Free

Mr. Bling

Mr. Bling is a super cool free slot game which is inspired from Hip-Hop and rap music.…

Monster Mash Cash

Monster Mash cash is definitely a thrilling game to play. If you are a fan of horror/monster…
Free Slot Online Little Green Money

Little Green Money

Aliens have been one of the most popular themes among slot game developing groups. Anyway, not many…
Free Koi Gate Slot Online

Koi Gate

Koi gate is definitely a brilliant looking free slot game with from Habanero game developer. Habanero is…
Free Jungle Rumble Slot Online

Jungle Rumble

This is a free slot machine developed by Habanero software developing company. This is also one of…
Golden Unicorn Free Online Slot

Golden Unicorn

Golden Unicorn is a very impressive free slot game with a very strong first impression power. Even…
Free Gangsters Slot Online


Gangsters Slot is a very interesting free slot game to play. It is highly entertaining and exciting…
Galactic Cash Free Online Slot

Galactic Cash

Galactic Cash Attack is a fantastic free slot game developed to collect treasures from outer universe. Actually,…
Free Slot Online Flying High

Flying High

Usually almost all free slot games let you fly high with their money bags. Bigger the cash…
Free Fire Rooster Slot Online

Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster is a fully-loaded free slot machine from Habanero slots gaming company. It is basically a…
Slot Machine Fenghuang Online Free


The first look at this amazing free slot machine gives an impression of a dark atmosphere. Obviously…
Free Slot Online Dragons Throne

Dragons Throne

This is one of the most interesting free slot games from the Habanero’s free slots collection. This…
Free Dr. Feelgood Slot Online

Dr. Feelgood

Dr.feelgood is definitely a kind of free slot game developed to make every player feel extremely good.…
Slot Machine Coyote Crash Online Free

Coyote Crash

Coyote Crash Slot is for the free slot players who are ready to take a trip with…
Free Slot Online Carnival Cash

Carnival Cash

This is one of the best paying off free slots in the market these days. This amazing…
Free Buggy Bonus Slot Online

Buggy Bonus

Buggy Bonus is a very interesting free slot game which is narrated around small insects. Actually, I…
Slot Machine Bombs Away Online Free

Bombs Away

This is a very special free slot game with a very unique title. In fact, this amazing…
Blackbeards Bounty Free Online Slot

Blackbeards Bounty

Blackbeard is the most fearsome and most famous pirate who ever lived. In fact, he is a…
Free Bikini Island Slot Online

Bikini Island

Bikini Island is a place you should never miss as a free slot game player. It is…
Slot Machine Barnstormer Bucks Online Free

Barnstormer Bucks

This is a highly adventurous and thrilling free slot game, developed by Habanero lab. This amazing slot…
Arcane Elements Free Online Slot

Arcane Elements

Arcane Elements is a powerful free slot machine with lots and lots of winning ways and entertainment.…
Free 12 Zodiacs Slot Online

12 Zodiacs

There are some exclusive free slot games which are based on Chinese themes. This free slot too…
Slot Machine Jugglenaut Online Free


We all love circuses. Well, here is a chance to work with one, closer than ever before…
Free Slot Online Gold Rush Habanero

Gold Rush Habanero

Gold Rush is a very entertaining free slot game with so many crowd-attracting features. This amazing free…
Fa Cai Shen Free Online Slot

Fa Cai Shen

This fantastic free slot game is all about celebrating Chinese new year. Actually, this game was fully…
Cash Reef Free Online Slot

Cash Reef

Cash Reef is a free slot game which is narrated around mysterious in the deep ocean. Actually,…

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