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World Tour

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World Tour

Slot Machine World Tour Online FreeIf you just love to travel the world then this is just the perfect free slot machine game for you. You will need to match up as many images of places you are visiting on the world tour to win the prizes. The more images you match the bigger is the prize. There are 175 ways you can stake the world tour. There are options and choices to place your bets and tours in different ways for different number of customers. There are 5 different pay lines and you can throw up in different winning combinations. You can win prizes with as little as 2 symbols on a paid line. You will get more prizes once you match 5 symbols on a winning line. The prizes are so significant that this game is called one of the best Isoftbet free slot games.

Slot Machine World Tour Online Free

Starting in New York, you will get 200 coins for matching up 5 symbols and you will also get the same amount if you can match other pictures as your private jet embarks on the world tour. After that you will go to Egypt where you can win up to 500 coins. You can win the same amount on your trip to China. And then you can go to London where there are chances of winning 2500 coins. Your final stop is Paris where you can also win 2500 coins. If you can match 5 world tour symbols you will hit the jackpot. The jackpot offers you 500 coins.

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