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Perfect Match

Perfect Match Free Online SlotPerfect Match slot machine is a game that brings back the match making before the hook up apps. This is the time the only thing needed was Cupid. This match maker had to fire his bow and if he is able to hit the target, then it will be love at first sight. The game has taken back the player to the age of the Cupid and this is when Cupid was calling shots to make the perfect match. There are 3 reels in the game and every one will fall in love with them since they open up a chance of winning more money.

Perfect Match Free Online Slot


The game has cute sound effect with the cheerful graphics. However, every player will want to win the jackpot which is worth 100,000.
It is possible that you may wish turning down the brightness before you can start to play. The game has pink as the basic color. If you want, you can reduce the sound of the game. However, the music itself is sleazy and schmaltzy number with the oddles of a piano and sax and in the end, it will always seduce you. You will end up being tired in the end but the first few spin of the game will be entertaining.

Game features

The game has 3 reels with a single payline and this is something unusual. The value of the game symbols have been displayed over the reels. The game looks as an arcade slot game and there are different slot machines that are visible on its background.

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