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Poker Spins

Free Slot Online Poker SpinsIf you love the thrill that comes from playing poker and you would like to win many prizes, then the Poker Spin game is here for you. When a slot machine is combined with the poker, this means that the game will be furious and faster and you can enjoy some serious money with it.

Free Slot Online Poker Spins


You do not have to worry about a theme of this game because there are five reels that are displayed on the cards. It feels as if you are against the real opponent in the poker game and you will find the reel whizzing around so that you can achieve a winning combination. If you are not sure that you won or not, then you can check the display found on the machine. This is where you will confirm if you won or not. However, it comes also with other important messages you can enjoy learning about. At the side of a digital display, paytable will always be there and visible and you do not have to click through to go to other screen to see if you won.

How to play

It is up to you to decide about the stake you want to play with. The stake starts at 0.10 if you are a low roller and you will still win money. Maximum bet is at 8.00. The players can describe this game as the animated scratch game but at the same time, it has the features of the poker game. The game has five paylines and it is easy to win the jackpot when you get the Royal Flush.

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