Fruits of the Nile

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Fruits of the Nile

Slot Machine Fruits of the Nile Online FreeNile is known as a life giver and it brings luck in Egypt. It has always fascinated people around the entire world. It flows freely for the entire year. Nile had made sure that for over many years; it had become an icon of civilization around the entire world.

Slot Machine Fruits of the Nile Online Free

Fruits of Nile is a classic mobile slot and it had been acclaim for long. There is vivid imagery with simple gameplay together with important at the same time generous cashouts which means that each popularity brought out by the game, deserves.

This game is compatible to HTML5 codec and it may be easily logged in and loaded on every mobile device.

The game looks cool and the idea of having a Nile theme may seem too ambitious for many people. However, it is time to applaud the developers because they have done it very well.

The simple and plain background is mimicking the dry and vast plain of Egypt and it sets the tone where the symbols are found.

The game is easy to play and there are not that many decorations. The fruits of the Nile slot does play out without any hiccup. The game is based on five active paylinea nd five reels.

To start playing, you should wage 20 coins up to 100.

Game symbols

The popular symbols of the game are grapes, oranges, watermelons, cherries, plums and lemons. Even if they may not lead to a jackpot, they pay well. The high paying symbols are Egyptian native scarab Beetle who acts as a wild, the golden star is the scatter.

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