Fruits 4 Jackpot

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Fruits 4 Jackpot

Fruits 4 Jackpot Free Online SlotFruit 4 jackpot slot is the game for you if you like classic appeal that you find with the fruit slot machine but at the same time you admire the modern graphics with your video slot.

If you like to play online games, then you are familiar with the symbols that you will find with this game. The game is simple at the same time it is not complicated.

Fruits 4 Jackpot Free Online Slot

The symbols are found on five reels and they are kiwi fruit, grapes and cherries. After setting up the bet, you should then click at spin and to match the winning combination of the game. The paytable is found at the separate screen but it is available by using function found at the left side.

Game features

The fruits can appear in special way because they are developed in high quality HD graphics. The game concept is simple and straightforward, however the images and artistry are of the highest quality.

To start playing, you should be aware of the following features:

  • Fast spin is meant to increase the speed of the game and you get a frantic speed with it

  • Auto play is an option to use if you do not want to click at each turn. The autoplay can take over the responsibility you have and it is possible to cancel it whenever you want to

  • Spin stop : this is used to stop the reels whenever you want to without waiting for it to finish the spin cycle

  • Wild: it is a joker symbol that can replace other symbols at the screen

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