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Fight Night

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Fight Night

Free Slot Online Fight NightFight Night slot is the game that brings out the fight in the arena so that you can get the chance of winning money. When you click at spin, you will enter into the boxing world. You have to try your best to be the champion and not the punch drunk loser.

Free Slot Online Fight Night

The free slot machine has a funky music background and you should beat the defending champion if you want to get the prizes that are at the offer. You can win when you start to spin the reels and what you match will bring the winning combination. The game has the payable that shows you how much you can win depending on the symbols you had made.

Game symbols

If you want to win with this game, you will have to get the matching symbols at the activated pay line. However, contrary to other games, the symbol of this game is somehow different. You will not get to see lemons, bars or cherries, but WBC title belt, opponents, referee and boxing gloves.

Game features

If you want to win, you should start by learning how to play. You will bet on the 25 paylines and five reels of the game. The paylines are adjustable and you can decide on how many lines you want to play on. However, if you activate more paylines, you stand more chances of winning but also you can lose more.

In the game, you will also find the wild symbol and free spins. The free spins will provide more chances of winning without having to spend cash.

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