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Tropic Reels

Free Tropic Reels Slot OnlineTropic Reels is all about sitting on the beach and spinning the casino slots. If you are missing the casino slot games, then this online game will fulfill all your wishes. Tropic Reels is a free slot machine game from Playtech that you can play with internet connection anytime. You can also try it in practice mode and then play it with real cash. If you are really into casino gaming then you must not wait to get started. It has a good round of winnings possible and will make you win no matter what the time. The backdrop is a Jungle since it is based on the tropical theme. There are statutes to amplify the effect of the forest with Easter Island type depictions. The background noises too are what you would expect to hear in a jungle and whenever you win, there are special sounds that might startle you. But overall it is a fun theme and the graphics have made sure it remains entertaining enough to play.

Free Tropic Reels Slot Online


Besides the good graphics, Tropical reels are just like any other online slot machine game. It has fruity symbols, like pineapples and other tropical plants and fruits. There is a tiger and colorful parrots. The tiger here is the wild symbol. It does not trigger any bonus round or anything because this slot is very basic. As we already said, it brings back the essence of the vintage casinos. So you won’t get a lot of confusing features here just a simple 3 reel game with 5 pay lines. The max bet spin and pay table options are located ideally below the slot while your winnings are represented by the side of the slot. The multi spin is the main feature of the game. To make use of it you need to know the pay out of each symbol on the slot. Thankfully to make things easier, you can check the pay table at any point. This way you can arrange the right symbol at the right place and hit the big win.

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