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Secret Jewels of Azteca

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Secret Jewels of Azteca

Free Slot Online Secret Jewels of AztecaIt is not something to believe that some civilizations were sacrificing people at regular basis in order to appease gods. One of these civilizations is Aztecs.

Free Slot Online Secret Jewels of Azteca


Most casino developers base themselves on Aztec as the inspiration. This game made the topic to be worthwhile. When you load the game from the start, you will be well aware that you are not playing the usual game. The background is set at a clear and blue sky while you will be taken into the heart of an Aztec empire. The free slot has one of the regions famed statuses that loom over reels. During this period, a fire ceremony takes place while the reels get place at a top of a stage.

Game symbols

The reels of the game look as if they are giant mechanical gear. There are different parts at the gear that are meant to correspond to the in-game payline. The paylines had been lit and the blue lights have been activated. The reels of the game contain symbols that reflect the theme of the game and it is all about the jewels, emeralds, rubies and sapphires jewels. The variant of the game has a number of designs with them and you will start to wonder what the game does but you will come to know about them as you continue to play. Everything in the game had been placed with a certain purpose. The spin button of the game is found at the middle and it is used to be a center point of each aspect of the game.

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