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Monte Carlo Classic

Free Monte Carlo Classic Slot OnlineMonte Carlo Classic free slot is the game for you if you like the traditional fruit slots. The game comes with a fresh twist where you are able to win instant cash.

Free Monte Carlo Classic Slot Online


The game brings back the fruit theme common in the games and it gives them a new but modern twist. You will find all the symbols you would expect to see which are vivid graphics, Lucky 7, bars, horseshoes, strawberries, watermelons and cherries.
The design of this game has a low key which is at the same time minimal. It gives the sophisticated appearance since you will be looking at a casino fruit machine that has been decorated with dice, cherries and starts. The controls of the game are simple. The game does not have the jaunty soundtrack and but you can still enjoy the authentic sound of the game with the jangles and whirring which can be too familiar.

Game features

The game is meant to replicate the authentic fruit machine and it includes the on-screen layout. The paytable is found at a top of the game this means that there is no need of stopping your game so that you can check out the prices. To win the game, you will have to make at least three matches, however if you win with cherries, you can spin one or even two when you have active paylines. The game has three different levels to bet on and this makes it when you decide. It will be worth it to upping the best. When you opt to bet using the max, you win the jackpot with 3 five lucky 7.

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