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Noughts and Crosses

Free Slot Online Noughts and CrossesNoughts & Crosses is a good game if you want to enjoy sometime alone and to enjoy the available prizes. It is a scratch cards that it popular online and if you had not yet started to play, then you have to know that you are missing out something great. The game is also simple for most players. What to do is scratching the square and to see if you get a cross or a nought. This will help you to create lines diagonally, horizontally and vertically. The crosses and noughts are worth a number of different amounts and you can get a multiplier for the prize.

Free Slot Online Noughts and Crosses

Noughts & Crosses is a game that feels nostalgic and it guarantees good time and enough wins. It is up to you to play today and you are not going to regret anything.
Noughts & Crosses is easy but at the same time more rewarding. You press at play and start scratching at once and you will open up huge wins. When you click at square, you get to reveal 3 matching crosses that match and 3 noughts in the right. It is easy to win or you can use reveal all option if you do not want to wait too much to see yourself winning and you wish to see all the crosses and noughts at once.

How to play

When you start to play, you will decide if you want to play for real or a free game. You will have also to set how much you want to play as stake value.

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