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Love Lines

Free Slot Online Love LinesLove lines slot game is the game to play if you like the idea of wagering the money but at the same time, you do not like the idea of playing with video slots. The free slot is easy to play and even a child is capable of mastering it but keep in mind that children are not allowed gambling. There is no need to learn about free spins or rolling reels since Love lines does not involve this frippery. The game is stripped back game and it has no whistles or bells. It is a game of 3×3 grids where the action takes place.

Free Slot Online Love Lines

With a chance and persistence, you still have a chance of winning as you win other slots and it is towards the ends of a game. However, the problem is not about how you do win money if you can still win.

Game symbols

Some player, winning is not that important when they are able to enjoy. As you play, you will find three cupids that frolic merrily and they are flapping their wings in the golden hair which works in the unison with the golden robes. At the background, the sea has fluffy blue clouds that float around the entire sky. It can sound angelic or blissful. The symbols in the game are full of cliché and they are silhouette, love hearts sweets, love letter, bottle of the champagne and love heart.

The game is more like a scratch card; you need to apply the coin, to scratch off a silver patina to see if you have matching symbols. In this game, you have to get 3 golden hearts in one row.

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