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Free Slot Online FluxFlux slot machine is the game that brings out the surreal experience which you can enjoy if you start to play online. There are a number of colored objects which are floating in the air and they are three dimensional. Such objects are also the symbol of the game and they give a psychedelic experience.

Free Slot Online Flux

Graphically, the slot is not as any other games but the symbols of the game are not too remarkable and there is slow rotation with light shows which had been added to the symbols. On the slot, there is the ambient soundtrack and it is completely fitting and it enhances experience more. When it comes to the graphic, the slot does not look like any other slot. You should not expect to see the reels while the symbols are not too spectacular. However, with the slow rotation, and lights show that are added on symbols, the symbol brings the visual treat. The soundtrack of the game is fitting to this theme.

Game special features

The free spin bonus of this game is when the extra row had been added at the slot and you can get ability of winning the two sides. This game has 5 reels and 15 win lines. You do not have an option of changing the win lines since they have been fixed. The player can wager the total stake for every spin and this is different to the games where a player has to wager on each payline.

The yellow star like will pay the highest while the ball like is the next paying symbol.

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