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88 Lucky Charms

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88 Lucky Charms

88 Lucky Charms Free Online Slot88 Lucky Charm slot is among the classic titles. The game has oriental theme and it is based on the imagery you would expect such as the lucky coins, koi carp and the dragons. There is an edge between the aesthetic and the cultural edge of the game.

88 Lucky Charms Free Online Slot


The free slot has the gold and red which people have been accustomed to see with some pinks and the fluorescent greens which do pop up at the control panel and they boost the liveliness of the title. Even if the game may be based on the old school theme, its design is contemporary which widens its reach and its appeal.

The layout of the game is 3×5 grid and it makes the parameters of the game, not to be that impressive. However, this helps the old and new users to enjoy the game. However, the interface of the game looks busy and it can be hard to know where everything has been kept.

The game does not feature payline but instead different ways of winning and this means that the method of winning can increase largely. However, the game features 5 reels where the winning combination appears.

Game symbols

The Lucky cat in the game is a bonus symbol but it has to show only on the fifth and the fourth reels. You can also activate the golden cat feature if two boxes had been ticked and then cleared. The game offers everything to expect in the slot game and it is not hard to play as far as you are accustomed to playing slot game.

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