4 Horsemen 2

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4 Horsemen 2

Free Slot Online 4 Horsemen 2This is the latest sequel of the famous online slot game 4 Horseman. This time, the game got better from all aspects. First of all, I must thank to the developer for using better quality graphics and animations. Last time, graphics and animations were little bit out of quality. On the other hand, sound tracks are also next to nothing. These goes perfectly well with the theme of this thrilling online slot game. In fact, the theme is little darker comparison to other games available in the slot gaming market. Characters of this game are definitely super natural and also fearsome. It is so obvious that these horsemen are here for nothing but to drag down the sinners straight to the hell. But there is nothing to worry as long as you keep spinning the reels. Not only they love it but also willing to help you with some treasures.

Free Slot Online 4 Horsemen 2

4 horsemen 2 is a stunningly developed free slot machine with 20 static pay lines; you cannot change the number of pay lines while playing this game. Anyway, you can use other buttons to change the total of the betting amount according to the user interface of the game. There are also 5 reels in this game. But the number of rows are not same for all five reels.

I have noticed a very special feature I haven’t seen in any other slot games while playing this game. One can buy free spins from this game. Free spins usually are the sweetest and most generous bonus features of an online slot machine. If you can buy, you should buy because extra free spins are always useful.

Other than that there are 3 more very important symbols available with this game. One is the wild and the others are a bonus symbols and a free spin symbol. All three of these symbols are capable of making your dreams come true.

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