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100 Spinning Dice

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100 Spinning Dice

100 Spinning Dice Free Online Slot100 Spinning Dice is another fantastic free slot game available online for all levels of slot gamers. It is absolutely not one of those highly complicated mega slot machines usually available in the current market. Instead, this game is created only to provide pure slot gaming experiences along with lots and lots of fun, entertainment and income. Even though the game is pretty simply to play, it is also high in quality in many departments including magnificent graphics and eye catching animations. On the other hand, the game also offers some fabulous sound tracks.

100 Spinning Dice Free Online Slot

There is a highly user friendly user interface in this free slot machine. It offers all necessary tools to have an excellent game play. One can use this interface for many operations including the tasks of changing number of activated pay lines or amount of total bet and it also can be used to spin the reel set. Other than that, there are also some buttons to change basic setting and to explore information and rules regarding the game play. The pay table can also be reached via this amazing user interface.

100 spinning dice is a 5 reel free slot machine with 4 rows and 100 pay lines. Number of pay lines can be changed within a range of 10 to 100. Anyway, activating as much as pay lines as possible for every spin is the best option to increase the number of winning chances.

There are 6 symbols in this game. There are also a scatter and a wild. These two are the most important bonus symbols in this game. The symbol of seven is the wild and the symbol of star is the scatter for this amazing game. The scatter symbol is also the key to open the door for one of the biggest jackpot in this game. Anyway, the biggest jackpot is offered by the symbol of seven. One need to be extremely lucky though to get that prize as one need sevens to fill all 20 spaces of the reel set.

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