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888 Dragons

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888 Dragons

Free Slot Online 888 Dragons888 dragons slot machine is a new game based on the classic theme. It is a slot game and it is based on Asian style where there are four dragons that have different colors. The game has 3 reels, 3 rows and only one pay line. There are around 5.000 coins that you can play if you are in demo mode. This game does not have a bonus game, scatter or wild. However, it is possible to win 1.000 coins if you get 3 different symbols within the reel.

Free Slot Online 888 Dragons


You can start to play the game in the demo options. Being lucky is easy with this game. You can hit dragons on every spin and you can win big with this themed slot. The visual of the game are done simple but they work well. They have a glossy sheen which looks crisp and nice. The game is based on a symbol play and there will be no interactivity with it. You will not get special features so if you are expecting to get the bonus features you should look somewhere else. The game is done well and the soundtracks are reminiscence of the past keeping the dragons theme in mind.
To win the player has to get identical images on the pay lines. However, he will not have any say on how the combinations are made since they are random and they are done behind the scene. When the winning combination is made, then the values and numbers that are displayed on the reels, they will be awarded to the player.

888 dragon is a top rated, highly classic free slot machine from pragmatic play slot gaming company. It is also one of the simplest free slot machines in the industry. This amazing free slot machine only has 3-reels and a single activated pay lines. Graphically, this is better than any old school free slot games. In this free slot game there are no other symbols but dragons. In fact, there are four different kinds of dragons to play with. The golden dragon is the most important and most valuable dragon of all dragons in the free slot game. It can offer you up to 1000 coins for each spin. The next most powerful dragon is the green dragon. It offers up to 500 coins from each spin. The third most powerful dragon is the blue dragon. Three of these dragons in the pay line are capable of paying off 250 coins. This is not all. There is also a gray dragon and three gray dragons in the pay line are capable of offering up to 50 coins for each and every turn. Obviously that is the whole story about the prizing system of this game. There are no other prizes or bonus stuffs available. So if you are looking for a simple and straight forward free slot with amazing prizes, you are definitely in the right place. The betting process is pretty simple too. The user friendly control panel can be used to adjust the bet for this free slot. Coin size or the number of coins per spin can be changed in order to change the total bet. The max bet of this game does not exceed 10 coins per spin.

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