Book of Rebirth Reloaded

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Book of Rebirth Reloaded

Free Slot Online Book of Rebirth ReloadedBook of rebirth reloaded’ is an extended version of the very famous online slot game ‘Book of rebirth’. Obviously, the creator of this game has found a new treasure book which is even more powerful and precious comparison to the previous book in the previous installment. Anyway, this book is also revealing secrets of the mighty kingdom of Egypt. So, if you are a fan of Egyptian legends and their powerful magics this is definitely the game you should play.

Free Slot Online Book of Rebirth Reloaded

According to the basic configuration here are 5 reels and 3 rows in this online slot game along with 5 static pay lines. You cannot reduce the number of pay lines while playing this free slot game. The RTP rate is around 97% for this game. So, it is obvious that this game is capable of giving away massive prizes. Anyway, biggest prizes are usually rare; to earn them you must be extremely lucky. Anyway, there are plenty of other prizes which are definitely bigger enough to satisfy your hunger as a slot gamer.

Book of rebirth reloaded is a game capable of offering up to 10,000x of initial bet. That is a massive amount of money if you are lucky enough to get there while playing this game. Anyway, it is not an impossible prize to win. With the help of some sophisticated bonus features available with this game, the biggest jackpot of this amazing game not really an impossible task. There are several powerful bonus features available with this amazing game including the buy features. The buy feature is very important as it let you activate free spins anytime and anywhere. Free spins are capable of offering better winning chances comparison to ordinary spins. Anyway, it is not the only bonus feature available with this game. There are also wilds, scatter wilds, expanding symbols, free spins and bonus games.

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