4 Lucky Pinups

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4 Lucky Pinups

4 Lucky Pinups Free Online Slot4 Lucky pinups is a jolly good online slot game with lots and lots of earning opportunities. The theme of this amazing online slot game is extremely interesting. It is about the world of pinup artists and models. The theme is not from the modern world of fashion but from the world of retro style. It is an age of classic art. So, if you are interested in classic age or retro style fashion models or the era of famous pin up models this game is definitely for you. You will not only be satisfied to an utmost level but also get a chance to earn a lot.

4 Lucky Pinups Free Online Slot

The game is inspired by a retro looking fashion style but the quality is definitely better thsn any other high quality game from the modern slot gaming world. Graphics and animations are definitely eye catching. This game is also one of the most colorful online slot games I have ever played. There is a slight discoloration in graphics but it is just an adjustment to match the era of the game with the style of pin up art during that time.

4 lucky pin ups is a free slot game with 20 activated pay lines. These lines are static and you cannot change the number from spin to spin. The amount of bet per spin can only be changed by changing the amount of line bet. Using this option, one can make bets from 0.2 coins per spin to 200 coins per spin.

This amazing game has 3 very important symbols apart from 8 regular symbols. These three symbols are usually the keys to open bonus features of the game. As far as I am concerned the free spin round is the most important bonus feature of this game. Anyway, there are several other bonus features as well to make your day a lucky one.

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