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Wicked Reels

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Wicked Reels

Wicked Reels Free Online SlotWicked Reels free slot is a game based on adorable but spooky slot theme. The graphics of the game are adorable and they are found in 3D. This game does features letters that look spooky, wicked symbols, cute little witch, vampire and pumpkin. The paytable looks spooky on its own and it features the background that look like a scary tree.

Wicked Reels Free Online Slot


The wicked and wild symbols are words and they still fit into this theme. The graphics of the game are easy to the eye and they are smooth. The color palette of the game is mostly purple. The Halloween themed music is found at the background and it gives the game a spooky feel.
The game has 30 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. If you want to win, you will have to match three, five or four symbols in order to make a winning combination. The total win will be calculated using the coin size with the win value that was listed.

How to win

When you win, then the matched symbol is going to disappear while the new symbols are going to fall down. This will allow achieving more winning. When you complete the winning combination, then the multiplier is going to increase from times one up to times 5. This gives you a chance of winning even bigger prizes at the reels. You will not find any other way that you can describe the feature since the game becomes thrilling.
The wild symbol of the game is going to replace other symbols found at the screen and this allows achieving even higher winning.

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