Super Duper Cherry

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Super Duper Cherry

Super Duper Cherry Free Online SlotYou will not find anything those tests better like the classic fruit salad. This is even true if it comes to the slot game.

Super Duper Cherry Free Online Slot


The theme of the slot machine is the classic fruit theme and it puts the emphasis at the cherries. The background of the game is the collection of the colorful dots with a black background which are arranged in the geometric pattern. When you look closely, they will resemble the surface of a giant disco ball. The players do not need to have anything else besides mood, betting and parting. You can also listen to the sound effects such as the retro into the mix and you can enjoy the classic video slot game at the screen.
The usual command buttons have been arranged with the command bar found near the reels. The matric has 5 reels and three symbol positions on each reel. The paylines are 20 and the player can set them starting at 5, 10 or 20. The bigger bet with the multiple paylines can be costly at the same time rewarding in the end. You can use the command buttons in order to customize the bet and to fit the ambitions you had while playing.

Game symbols

The icons for the games are oranges, lemons and cherries. The rewards will be kept low while playing the game. The biggest rewards are the results of the sevens, bells, watermelons and grapes. When you get 5 sevens, you win 5000 times the wager. When you win with a cherry, then all cherry will turn into the wild symbol of the game.

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