Super Diamond Mine

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Super Diamond Mine

Super Diamond Mine Free SlotThis is the 5 reel free multi line variety of the exemplary 3 reel space amusements Super Diamond Mine and Super Diamond Mine Deluxe opening diversions which you might likewise need to look at on the off chance that you like easier spaces recreations. The opening diversion has a sort of a dedication offer in that once the player has collected 99 jewels they get into the reward amusement. In the event that say you get to 45 precious stones and quit playing for the day, when you next come back to play you will proceed with the jewel tally from 45.

Super Diamond Mine Free Slot

Despite the fact that you must be playing on the same coin division machine, so in the event that you develop 24 jewels on the 35 penny opening amusement and afterward later go to the 1 penny space form the jewel tally will be zero. You can decide to play in one of 6 coin categories from as meager as 1 penny up to 5.00 every coin.


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